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Area sales manager


The Company:

The Sapim group aims at helping its customers producing the best wheels in the world by providing the best quality, advice and support. Our group started its operation in 1918, as a manufacturer of spokes and nipples. Over the years, the group expanded drastically, opened various production sites in Europe and in Asia. It also acquired Ryde, a leading manufacturer of aluminum rims. Currently, our group produces spokes, nipples and aluminum rims in more than 9 production locations across the globe. Today most of the professional teams relies on Sapim products. Among its customer base, the Sapim group is proud to count the most famous wheel manufacturers and bicycle producers. Sapim has probably one of the most diverse customer base in the industry.

The job function:

Sapim is looking for a sales manager for the German speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). As a sales manager, you will represent the Sapim group in your region, support customers and advising them in their new product initiatives. You will also be responsible for expanding our network of customers within bicycle manufacturers as well as wheel builders. You will also participate in the expansion of the existing product portfolio.

The variety of customer base will allow you to face the widest possible range of customers in terms of size, products and positioning in the market making this opportunity truly unique.

Want to be one of the engines of our growth or be part of this exciting journey? Do not hesitate to let us know.


In terms of experience and competences:

  • Successfully completed commercial / technical training or completed education
  • German native speaker and reasonable level of English
  • Professional experience in the bicycle industry, ideally as a sales representative

In terms of personality:

  • Passionate about the bicycle industry
  • Good negotiation and communication skills
  • Highly motivated and driven by success
  • Willingness to participate in exhibitions
  • Able to work independently and be strong team players
  • Work hard, play hard mentality

If you have an interest, please send your cv to .



Mechanicalaan 6-8

BE-2610 Wilrijk

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